Trailer photos

See below for a small sample of the Alloy Trailers NZ, boat trailers we have built up until now. If there is a specific area of the trailer design you would like to see in more detail and you are unable to visit our showroom please contact us and we will be happy to help.

7.5m West Coaster custom tandem axle braked trailer. on this trailer we retrofitted the customers electric winch.

Surtees Tandem Braked Trailer

Stone guards fitted to a Surtees 610 single axle unbraked trailer. The advantage of this style of stone guard (as opposed to the type that clips onto the boat) is you don't have to remove and store it each time you use the boat and it doesn't rub on the paint or Nyalic while towing the boat.

Extra large heavy duty tread plate steps for easily reaching into or climbing in and out of the boat while its on the trailer.