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Alloy Trailers NZ offers custom designed trailers to meet the needs of your boat. Our premium designed easy glide rocker system are adjusted to match the size of your hull.
We make custom parts to meet the requirements of your specific boat. This means every single part we use matches the size and shape of your hull. This makes for an ease of use experience when launching and docking. 

Our experts with years of experience are dedicated to making your trailer the best it can be. We also offer multiple options and accessories to make your trailer experience even better. 

How we design custom trailers:
  1. Measure and analyse your boat for hull shape, width and length.
  2. Test it on one of our default trailers 
  3. Adjust the components to your specific trailer
  4. Rigorously test your custom trailer to ensure there are no faults when docking and launching your boat. 
  5. Check weight loading, length, and width
  6. Finalise your trailer, giving it a final clean and polish

Examples of custom trailers we have built:

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